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And then there was Quiet

“And Then There Was Quiet” is a performance piece and visual work rooted in the aesthetics of contemporary dance form and contemporary classical music. The creation of this performance both agitates and plays with the energetic environment in which we currently live, a reaction to the overwhelming speed and “loudness” of information we are surrounded by.

Artists Carson Reiners (Dance) and Ricardo Tovar Mateus (Composer - Performer) will pursue to develop “ And Then There Was Quiet” designed as performance that includes the creation of original music that will combine live projection to expand the theatrical and technological elements of the work to demonstrate the symbiosis between visual and audio elements.

A reaction to the sound of “noise”, the loudness of political commentary and the overload of information that is often false. The reason for creating is attempting to relearn how to “listen”. Expanding from the idea of when you’ve been listening to a high pitch frequency and when it stops it takes you a moment to “hear” again. This subject represents one intersection of our curiosity and exploration for audiovisual relationships and theatrical staging, inviting to talk about the points where visual art dramaturgy synchronizes and intersect. The piece aims to create 2 physical spaces through light (projection) design. Demonstrating a way to “learn to listen” in a new way.