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Future. Present. Past.



  • “And then there was quiet” Multimedia installation for ambisonics and multi projection (2021)




  • “Not Safe for Work” For percussion and guitar. Commissioned by “Zac Pulak Duo” (2018)


  • “Mountain Air Suite” For violin duo and electronics. Commissioned by the “Innovation duo” for the International Festival of Modern Art “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music”Odessa, Ukraine (2018)






  • “Nebulae” For orchestra (2016)


  • “Under Your Spell” For voice and string quartet (2015)







  • “4 Breaths” For flute, saxophon, piano, violin and cello (2013)



  • “Das Märchen des Ramdreas” Sound installation for the Festival Podium Mödling (2013)


  • “Das Werwolfspiel” Soundtrack to the motion picture film by director Johanna Rieger. For flute, violin and electronics (2013)





  • “I Met the Walrus” Mixed media piece for electronics and video (2011)










  • “La Hydra” For tenor sax quartet (2010)






  • “Al oído del lector” On the poem by colombian poet Jose Asuncion Silva. For flute, bass klarinette, percussion, piano, violin and voice (2007)

  • “Un Encuentro Cercano” For two pianos (2005)

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