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Happy Full a Performative Art Intervention.

Happy Full is a performative art Intervention. Based on a colaboration with artist Clara J:son Borg, winter 2017. Happy full came to be after coming in contact with an audio piece by Clara consisting of a conversation between five women and their ideas and fantasies on what futuristic feelings might be. The result, a re-mix performative "vocal" piece for ensemble, a participatory music piece, where a group of eleven performers would follow instructions given to them on audio file sent to their mobile phones and reenact/sing the women’s stories and opinions out loud for a crowd. The piece aims to intervene and disrupt spaces, invading them with a crew of futuristic "affected" solo/ group performers. The piece was premiered and performed in the Banff’s Centre using one of their public spaces with a crowd unaware of the presentation that was about to take place.

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